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Useful, Beautiful and Meaningful are the 3 criteria for my design practice. One element can be emphasised over the others in one specific project, but basically I do not wish to have any priority order among them. I love to think out better ways of doing things, and I also understand the significance of aesthetic completeness in design. Through the experience at RCA, I have realised the importance of meaningful design as well, and now I aim to make things that have utility, aesthetic qualities and also have a meaningful place within people's lives. I would like to make something new without sacrificing the values of useful, beautiful and meaningful design. I aim to design something that arouses attachment from users so that it can be used and kept for a long time, rather than an object for which people’s attention is only fleeting. From my perspective, design is a man-made creation which aims to be useful, beautiful and meaningful. It is not easy to meet a high standard for all 3 elements at the same time, however, I think the more these elements are fulfilled, the greater chance the result will morph from something indifferent, into a being with soul that deserves our affection.




2016 to date

working with Jongro Medical & IDAS Interior

teaching industrial design at Yonsei, Konkuk and Seoul National University



2013-2015 Royal College of Art (London) / Design Products / MA

2002-2013 Samsung Electronics (Seoul), Product Design

                  : Home Appliances & Personal Computers

2001-2002 Digipeaks (Seoul), Product Design

1999-2000 Imagedrome (Seoul), 3D Design

1992-1999 Seoul National University (Seoul) / Industrial Design / BFA






2009 iF Design Award, China / Winner (Main)

2009 iF Design Award, Germany / Winner (Member)

2008 IDEA, USA / Finalist (Main)

2008 Good Design Award, Japan / Winner (Main)

2007 Good Design Award, Korea / Chief of KIDP Prize (Member)




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